In 2018 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and it was in that moment my life changed in so many ways. Along with the downsides of aggressive treatment there were upsides too. I was introduced to the most wonderful group of women who became my silver lining and have led me to become a supporter other for women going through breast cancer. Read More

Having emotional support around me both during my treatment and for every day since as I’ve come to terms with the changes in my body and life style has inspired me to want to support and empower other women as they traverse the challenges that a breast cancer diagnosis will throw at them. The recent changes in the support available for women with breast cancer in the Herefordshire area led me to reach out to that wonderful network and with their support we have created HBCSG.

Having the support of other women around me has helped to remind me that I am more than just a survivor of cancer. I am a mother to a gorgeous, now grown up, son. I am a wife to my long suffering hubby, I am still passionate about cooking and baking and have rediscovered a love of health and fitness since my diagnosis and feel optimistic about my future. I also discovered that I am capable of walking down a catwalk looking amazing whilst raising money for charity! If someone had told me I would ever do a thing like that before I wouldn’t have believe it. It has been the warmth and support of the women around me that has enabled me to be where I am today.


I have been a qualified nurse for over 25 years. My career has been very varied, ranging from Orthopaedics, Palliative Care & a Specialist Breast Care Nurse at Hereford Hospital. My specialism in breast cancer care ranges from diagnosis, surgery, adjuvant treatment & metastatic disease. My knowledge of breast cancer led me to manage a local charity that provided complimentary therapies & a vast range of other services to support women & their families. Read more

We know that a breast cancer diagnosis can have lasting affect on women, ranging from psychological, emotional & physical side affects. My passion to support women or men going through their cancer at any stage, probably stems from my beautiful Mum who was diagnosed with breast cancer over 35 years ago when their was no support available at all. So I am delighted to be involved with the Herefordshire Breast Cancer Support Group & to offer my knowledge & expertise to all those who join the group.


I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer 2 years ago at the young age of 38. I work in healthcare and I found it quite surreal all of a sudden to find myself on the other side of things. I went through chemotherapy, followed by surgery and then radiotherapy. Read more

I finished treatment in the summer of 2019. Throughout my treatment and beyond, I have found talking to others in the same situation has really helped to get me through and has helped me to form some fantastic friendships. I wanted to get involved with HBCSG to give back and to enable others to experience these same benefits.


Hi, Im Sarah! Im one of the Committee Members of Herefordshire Breast Cancer Support Group and what an honour it is to be doing this along side such amazing women. I met Di through my Step-Mum Tina who unfortunately lost her battle with Breast Cancer, and the support and love the Haven gave to our family was just first class, when I found out there was an opportunity to offer my services to help create this group and support others through these tough times I didn't hesitate. Read more

Cancer has been a part of my family, unfortunately loosing my Auntie, a friend and Tina my Step Mum and also seeing my Mum battle with this disease, I know how invaluable support is during this time. My own background is that I co-own a travel company in Iceland with my 3 amazing business partners, and am a Wife and Mother to a lovely 4 year old!