Feb 28, 2021

The first steps are always the hardest

The first step is the hardest...

Nearly 3 years ago I took some pretty tough first steps; I took the 1st step into my GP’s office to get a breast lump checked that I’d been ignoring for a while as it was too scary to think about what it might be. I took the 1st step into the MRU breast care clinic expecting to be told I had nothing to worry about.

I took the 1st step into My surgeons office to get a diagnosis of breast cancer.

I took my 1st step into the operating theatre to have my breast removed.

I took my 1st step onto the chemo suite to poison any stray cancer cells.

I took my 1st step into the radiotherapy suite as an insurance policy for cells missed by chemo.

I took my 1st back out the door with an NED status and a slightly broken body. Fast forward 2 years.

Now I’m ready for a new challenge for our new charity. Give us a follow to hear all about our first steps for HBCSG #hbcsg #wellness #fitness #lifeaftercancer